Monday, April 03, 2006

Suxx azz mac asia!!

Here's my complain.
I'm a mac user for a while and a long time pc/sgi user. I'm very familiar with devices or platform issues. Atleast that's what I had told the salesman at mac asia. At that very moment, I was enquiring informations about Macbook pro which I desperately wanting to buy one.
But problem is, due to the one of the salesman which I feels better to talk to not around that day. I have to look for other salesman to ask about the macbook pro. The moment I steps in, I feel I wasn't really attended or they don't really pay attention to ppl who doesn't dress like rich enough to buy their machine.
ok... i can understand that. I know i was dressing up like a low wage designer anyway.
So I took the initiative to ask one of the guy about the laptop i had my eye on. But unfortunately he doesn't really sounds friendly to me at all. No good from the sales and marketing point of view. He sounds a little cocky actually.
What I was trying to find out was the upgrades for ram if i want to tops it up with 2 gigs and see if there's a chance to trade in the 512mb ram comes with it.
I was surprised that they don't willing to do it. This really pissed me off because this is not the way that business suppose to be. and the most pissing thing about it is the way they address the matter. They even said the 2 gig ram going to cost me about RM 1700 - 1800 (800-900 each gig). Which comes to my suprise that kingston also selling those (what they so called custom made ram) PC2-5300 for RM430 each at lowyat. And keep argueing that those ram from lowyat will damage the machine.
Well... he sorta like commented that I didn't do my research b4 visiting them.
At some point, I feel I'm abit offended here.
The ram they were talking about is the exact ram that we are using in our pentium M processors laptop at the moment. And it's the exact ram that we are using for the latest duo core pc laptops. how come it's not compatible with macbook pro?? they are selling it for higher price. i'm ok with it. but wtf they wanna make it sounds like going to void the warranty (that's exactly what he said). I read it from somewhere that mac laptops ram is self-serviceable since a few years ago. I guess our local Mac asia is misleading our local mac users.


anyway, I've got better service from some other shops at lowyat. In fact I've visited 2 shops yesterday. 1 at 2nd floor Cycom which is selling mac at a corner. They willing to trade in back the ram and install the market priced 2 gig ram for me at a reasonable price. While the ground floor mac shop (which is authorised dealer, seems like not Mac asia) does gave me a better feeling. atleast they treat me like a customer and willing to give me quite a few free gifts like Mouse and a carry case.

I guess i'll be back to lowyat for the purchase in this month.

Does anyone out there got the same feeling as I do?


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