Monday, March 20, 2006

How world has changed....

I still wonder how many people out there still sturbborn enough to claim "impossible" on anything.
Reason is because seeing all of the things that happen in the industry and around us.
Alot of impossible miracle has happened just right infront of us from time to time. Especially since year 2005. 
-Alias acquired Kaydara
-Discreet acquired Alias
-Disney acquired Pixar
-Adobe acquired macromedia
-Mac adopted Intel processors
-I finally like mac and decide to buy one
-Petrol price raised for 4 times in 2 years
-Our PC can install OSX
-Intel Mac can install window XP

Well.... after seeing all of this and putting it together in a list do show me a picture of endless possibilities is ahead of us.
Only thing stopping us from making the "impossible" to be reality is only our perception from believing in ourselfs.

Now.... who can tell me how can I possibly finish 7-8 3D jobs in a month (April). Ha... I guess I've just got to work extra hard and wippping my 3d boys like crazy.

One thing I'm happy enough for the moment is the amount of jobs that's available for all of the animators and artist in my studio. 




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