Monday, January 23, 2006

Demostration on Channel lighting

Today I had a little demostration on how to utilize Maya 7 render passes and channel lighting in AFX.

I started with getting 3 passes ready.

starts with a RGB pass which lit up by 3 lights in red, green and blue in 3 point light source method.

Now an Ambient pass with "0" Ambient Shade.

And also an Ambient Occlusion pass for final Overlay (or multiply/add) over the final image for the soft GI look.

Here's the result after a few tweak around the intensity, gama, shadow attributes and colors of light source.

My team starting to dig this method for our rendering pipeline. This will greatly speed up our workflow. From now on, we can do adjustments to rendering on the fly.
However, I do notice that this method only works good on "hero" product shots, Characters, Props and etc. While standard GI or AO renderings for digital sets are still required depends on shots.
Our team is getting a little more excited now. We'll have zbrush, silo, modo in our new pipeline. And idealy we'll upgrade our workstations to future mactel's power Mac running on Intel processors. I wonder what can beat a machine with OSX, windows and Linux running in the same machine. haha....


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