Saturday, January 14, 2006

Copy cats!!

For a person like me who eat and breath in Malaysia. We all know how corrupted Malaysian is.
Did u know that our national anthems was "pirated" from else where?
I've found out that Malaysian's National Anthems song was actually copied from a Hawaiian melody name "Mamula Moon".
check this out.

Here's another one...
Our NTV7 Logo

Is a direct copy of ABC7 from USA.

sigh.... what's wrong with them? can't they design something original by themselves?

If u think this is bad... here come the most annoying one.

Mascot for Olympic 2008 in China is copied from Japanese Anime....

When will Asians starting to respect originality?


Anonymous The copy guy said...

When will Asians start to respect originality?

A 20th century photographer named Man Ray said that: An original is a creation motivated by desire. Any reproduction is motivated by necessity.
~ The Invisible Man, from Episode 1.13, “Cat and Mouse”

9:50 AM  

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