Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Character Wip - Exercise continues

I've just registered a domain name for my blog and my personal online porfolio site.
The new domain name for my personal blog is http://kfc79.co.nr
while my personal online portfolio site is http://kong.co.nr

good thing about it is, it's free. Get urs today from http://co.nr

At studio. we are quite free at the moment. Everybody is trying to find something interesting to do . Like modeling exercise and painting practice. Once I've got those domain name registerations done. I've continue on the character model that I've been working on.

:D anyway, I do hope someone can recognise which celebrity that i'm modeling here.
I'll get it textured and detailed in zbrush once I'm happy with the base mesh.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eh.... Is this Asian or Ang Moh?

9:41 AM  

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