Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Character Wip - Exercise continues 2

Here's a follow up of the character model.

I've been modeling this without using image plane reference at all except some photo reference from different angle instead of flat front and side plane.
Reason is I feel this keeps me focusing in getting the shape right instead of getting it only accurate from front and side. I can see alot of newbie making such mistakes. Looks good front othographic view but looks wierd in the 3d view.
Anyway, I'll be really happy if someone can spot who am I modeling here.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Character Wip - Exercise continues

I've just registered a domain name for my blog and my personal online porfolio site.
The new domain name for my personal blog is
while my personal online portfolio site is

good thing about it is, it's free. Get urs today from

At studio. we are quite free at the moment. Everybody is trying to find something interesting to do . Like modeling exercise and painting practice. Once I've got those domain name registerations done. I've continue on the character model that I've been working on.

:D anyway, I do hope someone can recognise which celebrity that i'm modeling here.
I'll get it textured and detailed in zbrush once I'm happy with the base mesh.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Demostration on Channel lighting

Today I had a little demostration on how to utilize Maya 7 render passes and channel lighting in AFX.

I started with getting 3 passes ready.

starts with a RGB pass which lit up by 3 lights in red, green and blue in 3 point light source method.

Now an Ambient pass with "0" Ambient Shade.

And also an Ambient Occlusion pass for final Overlay (or multiply/add) over the final image for the soft GI look.

Here's the result after a few tweak around the intensity, gama, shadow attributes and colors of light source.

My team starting to dig this method for our rendering pipeline. This will greatly speed up our workflow. From now on, we can do adjustments to rendering on the fly.
However, I do notice that this method only works good on "hero" product shots, Characters, Props and etc. While standard GI or AO renderings for digital sets are still required depends on shots.
Our team is getting a little more excited now. We'll have zbrush, silo, modo in our new pipeline. And idealy we'll upgrade our workstations to future mactel's power Mac running on Intel processors. I wonder what can beat a machine with OSX, windows and Linux running in the same machine. haha....

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Head Modeling exercise.

getting a little more free than the previous day. Got to do something in order to practice on modeling in silo.
Here's the wip.
next step to Zbrush.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Copy cats!!

For a person like me who eat and breath in Malaysia. We all know how corrupted Malaysian is.
Did u know that our national anthems was "pirated" from else where?
I've found out that Malaysian's National Anthems song was actually copied from a Hawaiian melody name "Mamula Moon".
check this out.

Here's another one...
Our NTV7 Logo

Is a direct copy of ABC7 from USA.

sigh.... what's wrong with them? can't they design something original by themselves?

If u think this is bad... here come the most annoying one.

Mascot for Olympic 2008 in China is copied from Japanese Anime....

When will Asians starting to respect originality?

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Creature Design - Turtle (Zbrush Test)

I'm designing a character based on turtle. well... This gives me a great opportunity to take zbrush for the test.
It started out with less than 300 polys (head). When I imported it in to zbrush, I've subDivided it for about 8 times (a few millions of polygons). Did a little remodeling on the overall shape and then added alot of displacements like veins, bumps, textures and etc on it.
Once it done, with a little help from documentations and notes by some fellow zbrush artists. I've manage to get it rendered in Prman.
Here's how it looks like at the moment with only displacements.
No bump applied... :D it's the magic of prman.