Monday, October 17, 2005

Weekend- Party and Work

Hands down, there's very few weekends that I end up without heavy scheduling at all. And there's no exceptional for this week too.
Well... It's all started out from friday (pre-weekend) where I have to work on a character at "2wisted" studio. That's where Lor employed as full time. Thanks to him I've go this part time job for the moment as character modeler/rigger/shader artist on an intersting job.
See my Ferrari 4000 there? with a machine right next to it with a monitor turned on (see a character through the monitor). That's my temporary station (except my laptop).
My work here is pretty much at the wrapping up stage where I still have a few riggings to do. Hopefully my pay day isn't going to be too far.

Right after the helping up in the studio. I've to immediately attend for Wee Liam's (my student. Yeah, he didn't pass up my last homework) birthday party. I've rushed home, grab his present (an old cg book) and picked up Chee Shyong at his studio nearby.

The party was filled with quite some numbers of younger kids (17-21). We had a hard time communicate with them in their online gaming discussions but we actually had some rather happy moments in our karaokay session. I was singing Jacky Cheung's song. Chee Shyong does shows his vocal talent in "Beyond's - Hoi Fut Tin Hung". Made a friend here name Hong (He loves "Soft Hard Masters" as much as I do).

Here is Wee Liam the rich birthday kid with a sister which appeared to be younger than he does and a mom who looks more like his older sis. At least that's how Chee Shyong put it.

I was pretty much staying at home through saturday to polishing up the job I'm working on. At night I've watched "The Sound Of Thunder" in the cinema. To be honest, as a production person. This film is horrible in their special FX shots. The acting of actors are cheesy enough to put me sleep through the whole film. As I've already knew that the CG should be great. They've been using 3dsmax for this job where it suppose to demostrate the superb muscles and animations ability of this software. Unfortunately I've got to admit that it fails miserably. The quality just hasn't cut it yet, Greenscreen mate are too obvious sometimes and even the grainy-ness of the picture quality (live act) gives away that they had a bad lighting team which doesn't take the correct dynamic range in order to takes enough details for color balance and brightness tweak in post. The story wise is atleast a little more original than "Sky High". Anyway, this movie is suppose to be the type that goes straight to DVDs video.

Sunday morning, I've to wake up early in the morning (5am) to get ready to attend for a shooting session at Shooting Valley, Glennmarry. It's a commercial job i'm working at for DNA studio. To be ur surprise, our talent today is Andrea Fonseka (Miss Malaysia 2004). to be honest, alot of us still doubt why a girl like her can get herself in to Miss Universe Peagent. When we see her in person, well... she isn't really that fat in gown after all. She seemed like didn't sleep at all last night, as if stay through the whole night in a saturday night clubbing and attend our shooting call right away at sun rise.
Meet the crew.

I have to be here because of this Limbo with markers on limbo and floor. It's a rather complicated shot where I have to track a dolly and tilt shot. The challenge is to make it looks seamlessly blend with the CG background of a cathedrel looking scene.

Meet our Miss Malaysia. "Cis... sombong-nya"... Look at the camera pls.
Haha... well actually she's quite friendly in the morning. Atleast she does reply when I greeted her.

Poor miss malaysia, I've seen her walking down the stair in multiple rehersal. When we are on shoot, director tried to save the film stock so we ended up "ok-ed" in 6 tries. Hey... not bad for 1st shot tho. We still have.... 20-30 shots left. And we were 3 hours behind the original schedule for shoot tho. I'm not too surprise to see the crew working till the mid night.

Believe me... this commercial is going to be beautiful.
haha.... let's hope we didn't screw anything up in my part and make it looks worse than "Sound of thunder" and "The Myth". Don't wanna eat my words for that...

Here's the link to view the clip of the shooting progress. 3gp format 175k.


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