Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Surprisingly good student works in my class.

Today suppose to be due date for a class assignment for my students in class. I've entered the clas an hour earlier to check on my mails and arranging schedules.
As expected, 2 students has been missing in class. and only 4 have present. It's a holiday assignment but only 2 can make it for the deadline.
Surprisingly it's so damm good that I really got to give them applause for that. It has shocked even my boss and the head of school for their out standing result from my class. I hope they can continue their spirits on creating nice artworks like these.

Anyway, the theme for the project is actually for "Under Water World". More will come from the students of Sem5 of Go Academy. Credits of the images goes to Mun Tiong (Sea Horse Soldier) and Chyi Jyn (Mermaid).

Fabulous isn't it?


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Blogger Liew Yeu Hing said...

greatside, and great 3d artist.

12:53 PM  

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