Tuesday, October 25, 2005

A little weekend adventure.

23th Oct 05
I'm as busy as usual, working on a couple of jobs for this weekend. One which is a commercial that's going to be ended in 3 weeks. Another info-mercial which will due in 1 more week. Both are intensed like hell that I almost can't breath under the pressure of work.

In order to taking out the pressure of work.... I've decided to take a ride out for some fresh air.

Vroom... Vroom... Vroommm....

With my ferrari of course

And a companion..... hehehe...

Looks familiar?? yeah... it's suria KLCC

I always wonder to myself... how come these people so free on weekends? do they have a problem? (Well... real problem is i'm a workaholic)

Bumped in to a Dunhill stock clearance... Originally I thought it's a boutique for "uncles (old)". But I've got attracted by those smart suit at the entrance... see what that man checking out there? that leathered suit is simply Roxxors!! I was about to get one. Until....

I can't believe it... It's RM 11,420 before the 50% discount. Yeah, it's right. It's cost 11k for just a fucking leathered suit! I thought it's just over a thousand for one... even after discount, it still going to cost me RM 5,710. OMG.... I can buy a new laptop instantly if i have the cash.

Undenyably, I have to wave goodbye to this suit. Maybe I'll pick one up like this in future (if i'm rich enough).

Before we leave, allow me to pick up something for release stress.

Oh yeah... baby... THIS is the ultimate intention of coming all this way to KLCC. But what i'm wanna buy is no ordinary chocolate.

I've bought a pack of strawberry chocolate dips and 2 sticks of banana chocolate dips. There's also marshmellows and waffles chocolate dips but I favor fruits over those junks.

That's all about my little adventure on this weekend. The rest of it is all about work work work... When can I have some real sleep at night??


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