Saturday, October 29, 2005

Jobs Jobs Jobs.

Have u guys ever chocked over work pile up like mountains?
I'm sure alot of u guys did....
As for me, I'm going thru a stage where works just came in out of nowhere and I have to get them done in order to earn the clients' cash.
Is this wrong?
Well... at some extends, everybody need to live on wage. And I have no excuse to be exceptional too. For some reason I've accepted a job lately that i'm still working on.
Just today during a meeting, I've got some bizzare feedback from client about stuff that I need to change and their complains about my scheduling. In order words, they expect me to be there at their studio almost everyday including Deepavali and Hari Raya. I've insisted that I need to be away for 2 days in hari raya.
Am I really that dry for money? Am I really that sissey to debate with him regarding the issue? No, I was just too lazy to and tire to defend my position and rather just get things done.
From their reaction, I can see that they aren't that satisfy with my performance so far judging from my "attendance" to their studio. If this job is a "freelance" job, now being in their office and unable to have flexible personal life definately doesn't sounds like a freelance job at all.
So this story tells me that, never to work for this client again unless I really in need of the job. But for the time being. I'll just continue to be mr. nice guy to full fill every request from them.

Chow... time for sleep.


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