Sunday, October 30, 2005

Escape Plan from Works.

Here's my little escape plan from work. In fact, I'm already over work for the past few months. I can't deny the fact that I need the money. But spending some money on my favorite album and having some fun around (not too far from home) is pretty much a great refreashments from jobs.

Getting the album from Daniel?? The girly looking Malaysian Idol guy? I don't think so, he's just not my cup of tea.

But he's just so damm popular now... When he was singing on stage, girls down there scream as if there's no tomorrow.

eh... wtf they are lining up there for? got free cake or what? hmmm.... they are just queing up for signature and photo taking with their favorite Malaysian Idol. I have a mixed feeling about this. I'm not fancy any of the Malaysian Idol but I got lucky to bumped in to their live performance on stage. To tell u guys the truth, their singing are a little horrible with alot of scream "aid" from fans. Daniel sorta keep having moment of missed tune or completely wrong beat. hmmm.... maybe he's just getting a little shaky at his solo performance when he saw girls dripping salivar over the floor and he almost slipped during the performance. sigh.... girl nowadays.

So.... what album I've actually bought?

Here is it... A "latin Lounge" album and a "Songs for Carbriolets". It's not some ordinary songs from pop singers. They are pretty much more like independent music makers from over the world. The Latin Lounge is my favorite for their sexiness and smoothness of their music. All songs are very different from what we always heard over the local radio which I can say drop dead boring until I found this from the music store. Another great one is "Songs for Carbriolets" well... some may think that if it's specifically made for Chevy... do i need a real Chevy ride to enjoy the experience? well... to tell you the truth, it's always better to have a real Chevy to get the true feeling. But for the time being, I'd rather invest in a better sounds system in order to fully enjoy the audio quality of this album. For those who wonder, this album is all about vintage music from the "Cha Cha" period.
Check it out if you would like to have a little alternative from your usual music collections.
Well worth my RM112 Spent. Ready for some Cuban beat? :D

Here's my next plan
It's the Euro Fun Park at Bandar Utama. hahaha....
I always miss this since I was a child.... I merely remember the experience I was on one of this in childhood with my parents. Time flies.....

These sure brings back memories... but i'm a little too old for that now.

I had a great ride on this. It felt as if I was flying in the mid air...

Everybody is in the line for.....

The Wheel....

Look at the ppl down there... the lights.... and atmosphere. you can't deny that everyone down there is having fun.

I had mine. have you?

Got to thank rachel for taking me here.

Had a few attempts at getting one of these to rachel. But no luck....

See how cute those bear bear is? awww....
Anyway, I'm doing better at claw machine in getting dolls. haha...

I had the greatest day of the week today. Eventhough I have to work for tomorrow (sunday), But I still do feel that it's the greatest refreshments I've ever had for a long time since.
Cheers and wish everybody have a nice day.


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