Monday, August 29, 2005

Rant! bad day.... thanks to some officers.

Well... today isn't much of a special day for me. I have a part time job as a lecturer in a local college. Could be admirable by a lot of fulltime worker, of course. I've just took off from work at 1pm. When I was picking up my car. I saw a fine ticket on the windscreen. This must be a mistake because I know precisely where I was parking and the amount of money of parking ticket I've bought. And the ticket was still on the dashboard. Man... This must be a mistake for the officer who issued me this fine ticket. Sigh... Oh well... maybe I should take the time to make an appeal to ask them to cancel this fine.

I've took the time to drove all the way to MPSJ (Majlis Perbandaran Subang Jaya). Took me almost 30 minutes even that it's just a 5 km drive. Curse the bad traffic! Once I've reach there, followed the unbelievably hard to recognize sign. I've finally found the counter for "Payment and Q&A". On my way in, I've saw big banners everywhere telling us that they are taking flat rate for all of the fine before the Merdeka Day. Great... more reason for me to visit this place today. Ha... I've took the liberty to queue up to wait for my turn. This part took me another 20 minutes. I can see angst in everyone lining up before me. Sigh... Why doesn't Malaysia government department do something about it instead of letting only 2 skinny looking (I doubt they've got such energy) Malay girl looking after the counter? ok... I've just shut the fuck up and waiting for my turn.

20 minutes passed... Wwweee! It's my turn! great. I can finally tell them how bored I was waiting back there. But since I was losing time from my limited hours in Monday. I'd rather just "kick right at the front door" to tell her my problem. She just showed me a blank face and commented that I was reversed the face of my parking ticket and put it somewhere instead of dashboard. Damn! I've quickly fired back and told her that I was placing at the same position over the few years I've been driving (since when? 8 years. Yeah, got to be 8 years). Without any delay, I've denied her comment on my parking habit and told her that instead of saying drivers can make personal mistakes. Could the officer who issued me this ticket also committed sin of judgment error? She's just pretend that she's looking elsewhere (hey, I hate this kind of people) and keep mumbling to herself that this is the kind of case that they don't take care of and she'd rather I write an appeal letter to their office. Sigh... I don't think we are making any progress here cause if the person with the valid documents (my parking ticket, right time, right value and right attitude) doesn't please her enough to process my appeal. They're definitely not taking me seriously for this case and rather just ignore me with "post" method to avoid looking at "angry" tax payers like us.

Ok... without hesitation, I took out my wallet and willing to pay for the flat rate instead of spending the time to go over all of the letter writing, phone calls, shouting and etc. Now, what she told me is "I'm not processing fine payment, you've to go to the other counter instead." God, is she playing me? Now I'm totally pissed off and rather just keep the ticket and let them come to me. Anyway, MPSJ doesn't really make much harm for us even if we don't pay out fine. A police ticket will cause more harm if we don't get it settled right away. So I've just drove off and make the way to Pos Malaysia at cargo area in KLIA.

It was a long way, roughly about 50km. When I reach there, greeted by the police at the guard house. They seem to be quite friendly. At first I had quite a good impression on them. Then they lead me the way to the collection area for my package from an anonymous sender. I wasn't sure who sent me that package and no one notify me what was inside the package. I was a little scare at first. Worrying that it was some sort of bomb or even Anthrax in it. The registration guy told me that it was a bunch of CDs. Now the feeling of fear has been escalated. What if there's a bunch of porn cd-roms or even pirated cds inside? It'll make my day for getting myself in to prison. The inspection officer ordered me to open it. ok... let's find out what's inside. Thanks god! you've really made my day. It was a bunch of operating system installer cds inside -Ubuntu 5.04. Luckily this won't make me any harm because it's a bunch of free open sourced Linux CDs that I've ordered from . The inspector look at me at amazed and thought that it cost thousands of dollars. I've explained carefully to the inspector that it's open source and it doesn't cost me a dime. And also told him the benefit of using it in our pcs. He was also amazed that those CD distribution that I had has got Intel, AMD64 and Mac PPC packages. Which made him interested to try. I've gave him 2 copies of Intel and AMD64 CDs so that I can "bribe" him for future convenience. Haha...

Finally I can take off and back to my mom's curtain store to wait for her to go home. But, the police (guard) at the gate stopped me for the getting back the pass. And out of the sudden he burst out the most sensitive conversation came out a humble policeman, "Boss, boleh bagi sedikit minum teh ke? (Can you gives me a few buck for a cup of tea?)" He's looking for a bribe... oh man... this is not right. I just hate seeing this kind of beggar around dressing in uniforms. Without any hesitation, I just told him that I'm a poor kid with no extra money and just drove off and no look back.

What a disappointment. I thought he's the first nice person I've met today. Maybe there's just no more good, clean policeman in Malaysia anymore. Every police I've came across just happens to be well dressed crook begging for money. This is the part that I believe our government should have got the problem seek in to and get it solved fast. This is just one of the problem that polluted our society and ends up having an uncivilized country.

Now, I'm sitting at Starbucks of Summit, Subang Jaya. Great... With free Wifi Access (something to cheer me up atleast). I've sat down on a comfortable soft laying my precious laptop on the table. Holding "Davinci Code" with my left hand and I've typed this blog just right here at precisely at 5.33pm right now. Finally I can have a good rest reading a good book and enjoying a thick refreshing Rumbha Frappocino coffee.

At this state of mind, I can safely shouting in my mind. "Fuck you! fuck all of the idiots I've met today!!"

Thank you.

(I'll post some photo when I've got home)


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