Monday, August 22, 2005

Ok... Here we goes.

Ok... here we goes. This is my first blog.
As a 3d artist, I do feel that I've the responsibility to make a record of my life. Since blogging seems to be starting to be a hit for everybody. Maybe it's not such a bad idea to start recording some technical research I've found along my daily job.

Now here we are. Reading much blog might going to be wierd for some people cause most likely I'll be talking alot about Art, 3D, games, Linux, Computer stuff and movies. ah... If I've the time. I might add a little review on everything I ever touched and tried.

Ok... Let's start with my brand new Acer Ferrari 4000

Sexy.... isn't she?
I've bought her 2 weeks ago at a rather good bargain from a shop at Pyramid. Well... that salesman was rather nervious when I talked to him in english. for a moment he was rather scared to answer me and lose control on the bargain. At the end, I've got this sweetie at the price of RM5500 (another RM50 for 1 percent credit card tax). Originally most computer shop in Malaysia charges credit card user for 2 percent. But due to his in-mature salesman experience and his soft hearten nature. He just charges me 1 percent for tax (afraid of losing a customer I guess). Ha... Well... I've further pushing him more on discount (poor guy), he even told me about the skim of promotional machine they got and the lowest price he can give. due to the reason i knew that I've already got a rather good bargain, I rather allow him to earn a little money for being generous on the bargain. I've asked around at shops nearby (one of the shop keeper is my old classmate, this fella don't even gives me a discount), lowest price they can give is RM5800 not including tax.

Oh God... She's sweet isn't she?
AMD 64 Turion processor, X700 ATI radeon (eventho i'm not an ATI fan, more of a Nvidia fan. I even own a Quadro FX 4000 desktop).

I'm trying to fully exploits this baby. But due to some restriction in Winxp x64, I can't manage to change quite alot of stuff and software. But other than this, it Roxx!! interms of performance and stability. I've even installed suse 9.3 64bit and Vidalinux (gentoo) 1.2 64bit for a spin. Currently I've some problem with APIC timer under linux. But I've found this
Written by Martin which is very helpful in helping me to get the problem solved. including x700 installation under linux and etc. Currently i'm a litte bz on jobs so apic timer patch is something that waiting to be done on weekends or after the completion of my freelance job.

Oh well... under winxp, it's running Maya 7.0 (and 6.5), Modo 102 and Zbrush very smoothly.

Speaking about 3d art. I've had an interesting "arguements" with Mark Soon (super talented 3d artist) over the messanger about how to seperate passes for Misss fast Skin Shader (Mentalray Shader came with Maya) in to Color, diffuse, reflection, SSS (tranlucent), Ambient Occlusion passes. Our discussion involved in to Steven's method of Skin shading (old school but works), Confusion in Misss of being rendered good as single beauty pass where we doubt it might look different if we seperate the passes and comp it back together again. But due to the our strict believe in speed up our workflow by render passes instead of (tedious) single beauty pass method, we are planning to do such test in order to prove our points in extracting multipass for renderings.

Oh wel... Again, Let's pray for more time. (I wonder whether there's a temple dwelled by a "time god" where I can worship to gain more time.... Haha...)

Oh Mark... One Utama's old phase Starbuck doesn't have free internet excess anymore. This suxx!! my new spot for Wifi access is Ikano's Starbuck.

Well... getting a little tired for now. Maybe I'll start blogging more about it tomorrow.

Cheers... I hope I'll still have enough time to sleep after completing the freelance job. And make it up for tomorrow's lecturing job in college. God.... Please give me a little more time.


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