Wednesday, August 24, 2005

KFC's Secret Maya Recipes 1 - Fake Particles Flow In A Vein Loop

ok... here's a stupid maya technique that I've came out with playing around with maya at starbuck (what a nice place to find inspirations). It's actually a technique to make particle flow inside a vein in a loop. Well... I was trying to achieve something like that for a project I was doing. But unfortunately It wasn't successful.
So what I did was trying to do it with another method which is faked by textures and surface which move along a path.

Here's how I do it.
Ok... Let's starts by creating 2 nurbs curve. Arrange it like the thumbnails. So that we can create a torus (rim) with history on.

The beauty of using history on is, we can later change the height ratio of the ring by scaling the smaller nurbs curve we've used for creating this ring.

Now turn to component mode and view the vertice mode. Drag select all of the vertices of the ring. And assign a cluster on all of the vertices above.

Animate this cluster handle with rotation of 0 at frame 0 and 360 at frame 500. Play the animation now the ring will turn in circle.

Now create a simple shader of noise texture on a lambert shader. Plugged the noise textures in the incadescence in order to eliminate the need of using any lights in the scene.

After assigning the shader to the rotating ring. Use the "Soft Modification Tools" to deform it to the desired path shape.
Now play the button and all of those small little white spots there will runs in full loop over time along the path.
Well... with this, u can render a sequence of mask for your favorite compositing sofware to prepare layers to fake flakes flowing in veins or tubes.



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